Pink Tourmaline Rough Stone - The Stone of Self Love - The Hare and the Moon

Pink Tourmaline Rough Stone - The Stone of Self Love

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This natural pink tourmaline stone is a lovely token gift for either a loved one or yourself. Packaged up in a lovely little bag and complete with a description of the stone's properties:

Pink Tourmaline

Stone of Self Love

This beautiful stone of the heart can help heal us in times of emotional wobbles. When past hurt or trauma isn't processed it can resurface in other forms such as anxiety, guilt or worry. Let pink tourmaline cleanse and heal these old wounds, opening the heart to receive new happiness and importantly to promote self love. As the saying goes - you need to learn to love yourself first before you can receive the love of others.

Please note: These are natural stones and size and shape may vary slightly from the image show.