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Intuitive Tarot Reading with Manisha Young

Intuitive Tarot Reading with Manisha Young

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An intuitive Tarot reading with Manisha Young either in person which focuses on the present to help us move forward.

Tarot is a powerful tool for self-development that can offer guidance and support with various aspects of life, both material and spiritual. It is an ancient system of knowledge that has been used for centuries to gain a deeper insight into situations and facilitate decision making. Rather than using it for past or future predictions, the cards can be used in a therapeutic way to transform habitual patterns of behaviour that can often be self-limiting.

The cards also reveal the bigger picture of where we are in our journey, what challenges we could be facing and how we can respond to these consciously. No question is irrelevant, and individuals are encouraged to share what’s on their mind and seek clarification to any ongoing issues. The idea is to tap into a deeper wisdom that can illuminate our life path and show us the way to inner peace, joy and fulfilment. 

In person appointments are located at 24 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AB. This room offers face to face readings in a safe and private environment.

Can't find a date/time which works for you? Please contact us and we can look into out of hours availability

Online appointments will be via a zoom call - full details will be sent upon booking.

48 hour cancelation policy applies - For our full terms and conditions please click HERE

Please also note:

Whilst all of our readers will commit to putting all of their care and effort into every reading, the art of Tarot is sometimes never 100% accurate. Therefore there are no guarantees with any reading given, and we accept no responsibility or liability as to how the information is interpreted and how you continue your journey

By booking this appointment you have read and understood our full terms and conditions and our statement above.

The Twickenham area where we are located can be subject to Rugby match delays which causes delays to traffic and transport. Please check, particularly on weekend bookings via the Twickenham Stadium Website for future matches to avoid timing issues with your appointment

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