Past Life Regression with Loli Strudders - Approx 90 Mins

Past Life Regression with Loli Strudders - Approx 90 Mins

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Have you heard the expression ‘get to know thyself’ Regression Therapy allows you to do this. Have you ever wondered why you do something over and over again repeating a pattern, or walk into a room and recognise the person standing in front of you and yet you`ve never met them before or have you?  Regression therapy is a journey of the soul, whether it be a journey to a past life or current life you can expect an internal shift to take place as we overcome and heal the obstacles that have held you back.

 Are you simply curious of how you have lived before or do you want to know why you do certain things in this life, why you have a talent to play a musical instrument and yet you have no idea where that talent comes from. Why you hate Magpies or have a fear of water. Past Life Regression can help us to overcome phobias, fear and habits and resolve relationship issues. It offers valuable insights into our past, present and future lives and allows us to overcome the phobia, fear or habit.

Allow yourself at least an hour and a half to journey to and through a Past life, everyone’s journey is different so it may take a little longer or take a little less depending on where your journey takes you.

We will start with a little hypnotic relaxation connecting with your breath to relax you, we will then have a guided imagery to a safe place of your choosing and from there we will enter a past life. All you simply need to do is relay back to me what you are seeing, feeling, hearing, you will use all of your senses as we navigate through the most important scenes and events of the life until we know the story that took place. We will find out all of the unfinished business so that it can be healed and transformed.

Looking back at a Past Life can satisfy the curiosity, it is exciting and enlightening. An important part of Past Life Regression is to see how the journey parallels into this current life, the answers you are seeking to this life can only truly be found by living this one but by using the wisdom and insight from the Past can be truly beneficial.

All is within, so get to know and heal thy self. 

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