Reiki Drum with Yvonne Oakes

Reiki Drum with Yvonne Oakes

The Reiki Drum Technique

Reiki Drum Healing is a specialised treatment combining the wonderful healing energy of Reiki and the sound therapy of drumming.

The drum is used to introduce Reiki energy into your energy field to bring about deep relaxation, which aids the release of deep seated tensions.

On a physical level it can positively effect cortisol levels and blood pressure readings and aid in the production of endorphins, thereby assisting in pain control.

The vibration of the drum beat also encourages our mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and our energy system to balance, resulting in emotional and mental harmony.

Yvonne offers this technique as part of a standard 50 minute Reiki session. However, this is a specific healing treatment – THE REIKI DRUM MENTAL/EMOTIONAL REPROGRAMMING TECHNIQUE.

This aims to reprogramme negative mental and emotional patterns by sending a message to your subconscious, to overcome unwanted habits or to focus the mind on something important, or to achieve a desired goal.

The session begins with a discussion about what you wish to work on -  what it is that you most need to heal or create at the moment. We then develop a simple affirmation that we both use silently throughout the session. We conclude with hands-on Reiki to integrate the energy.

Please note that although deep healing can take place after just one session, the effects of this technique are cumulative and a course of treatments is often necessary.

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