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Dog Reiki Healing with Yvonne Oakes

Dog Reiki Healing with Yvonne Oakes

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A special healing practice for our best friends to have some Reiki Healing from trained animal Reiki healer Yvonne Oakes.

Dogs are beautiful beings who naturally live fully in the moment and are able to freely share unconditional love.

They are sensitive to each other and aware of the needs and psychological states of humans, and can provide comfort and even healing to us when we need it… and so, it is wonderful for us to give something back. And as animals are so in-tune with energy, what could be a better way to repay them than with the pure energy of Reiki. Offered in our lower ground floor treatment room, this Reiki treatment is offered by qualified animal Reiki Healer Yvonne Oakes. Yvonne is an experienced Reiki practitioner, a member of the UK Reiki federation and offers a gentle, supportive approach to her treatments. The energy is channelled through the Reiki practitioner (Yvonne), who lightly places her hands on or just above certain points of your dog if they are happy with this.

How does it work?

We allow 30 minute appointments for each dog, however it is the dog's choice how much time they would like to spend with Yvonne. This could be a minute or perhaps the whole treatment - nothing will be forced in this gentle appointment. 

A £10 deposit is taken for each session which covers 10 minutes of treatment. Additional time is added at £1 per minute (the standard charge for our Reiki healing treatments).

What benefits does Reiki have for my dog?

  • Reiki helps with all kinds of issues such as speeding up the healing process following injuries or surgery, with stomach problems, loss of appetite, stiffness due to old age, and more.
  • Reiki helps with anxiety, nervousness and timidness, and with the effects of mistreatment/bad experiences. It can also help form a closer relationship/ bond with their owner or other animals.
  • Reiki helps with separation anxiety and being left alone, and with trouble adjusting to a new home.
  • Reiki helps if your dog seems to bark too much, resists getting trained or chews/damages things in the house.
  • Reiki provides compassionate support for an animal that is dying and can make the transition more peaceful for them and for their owner too.
  • Healthy animals benefit from the deeply relaxing effect of Reiki too, enhancing their general wellbeing and strengthening their immune system.

Can't find a date/time which works for you? Please contact us and we can look into out of hours availability

In person appointments are located in our lower ground floor spiritual and meditation room at 24 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AB

48 hour cancelation policy applies - For our full terms and conditions please click HERE

Please also note:

£10 payment is for deposit of treatment only - full treatment charge will be capped at £30, charged at £1 per minute depending on your dog's requirements and response to Reiki

Whilst all of our healers will commit to putting all of their care and effort into every treatment, the art of spiritual healing sometimes takes more than one session and selfcare techniques to practice at home are always advised. 

Therefore there are no guarantees with any treatment given, and we accept no responsibility or liability as to how the healing is received and how you continue your journey. 

By booking this appointment you have read and understood our full terms and conditions and our statement above.

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