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Reiki Drum Sound Healing Circle

Reiki Drum Sound Healing Circle

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Join Yvonne for this group session and bathe in the wonderful energy of the Reiki Drum. Reiki is a journey of self discovery, healing and spiritual development. It is a tool for self awareness and transformation, and in ways I really can't describe, brings about a change in us that empowers us to reach our full potential. The Reiki Drum is a combination of Reiki, drumming and sound healing. The Drum is attuned to and infused with Reiki, and with each beat, the vibration of the drum takes the Reiki deeper into our energy system to bring about balance, harmony and self healing. Drums have always been used for sacred and healing purposes and are amongst the oldest known musical instruments, and may be the oldest form of meditation. The rhythm of the drum engages the conscious mind and helps eliminate mental chatter, allowing us to be in the moment. And so the Reiki Drum can help us let go of the past, enjoy the present and move confidently into the future. During this session, you will lie on the floor or sit comfortably on a chair whilst Yvonne drums. She will move around the room drumming over each individual, and towards the end of the meditation she will spend a few minutes with each person helping the Reiki to be fully absorbed. Reiki is pure energy and so will always work for our highest good. Individuals experience Reiki and Reiki Drum in different ways.. it can bring about feelings of relaxation along with rejuvenation, it can bring about a sense of release, have a very deeply moving effect.. and whatever the experience, it is always for our highest good. For your comfort, mats, blankets and cushions will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Please bring water to drink following the session. \


Yoga mats will be provided but feel free to bring your own, if you prefer. Please bring any blankets, yoga blocks, eye pillows, cushions or drinks that you would like. Please also bring whatever notebook, paper or device you like to use for journaling. 

Events are for 18 years and over, and 16 years and over with an adult guardian.

All materials will be provided.


The Spiritual Healing Temple (The rear of The Hare and the Moon)
24 The Green

Ground Floor with disabled access.



Events are for 18 years and over, and 16 years and over with an adult guardian. Please visit our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for full terms


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