Angel Readings with Loli Strudders - Approx 35 Minutes

Angel Readings with Loli Strudders - Approx 35 Minutes

Loli is an experienced Tarot card reader who tunes into her Angel guides to give a detailed reading.

Angel Tarot cards give an insight to what has happened, currently happening or about to happen in your life. Everything is changeable. Often you consult Angel or Tarot cards when your life is a little unsettled and need a point in the right direction, sometimes you just need that reassurance and sometimes you have a question to ask.

The cards can help but they cannot decide for you, that is down to you and your free will. They are not about predicting your future or your fortune and they do not pick your lottery numbers, they comfort and guide you and often wake you up. The majority of times you know exactly what is going on in your life the cards just highlight the fact. They may not tell you what you want to know but they will tell you what you need to know.

They may not always answer the question you are asking, but instead they will answer the question which needs answering the most, sometimes that is the one you haven`t asked out loud.

Let the Angels work with you through the cards to reach a deeper personal connection to help comfort and guide you to a better understanding of yourself. Let their light be your light to illuminate the way.

Appointments are located in our lower ground floor spiritual and meditation room at 23 Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NJ. This room offers face to face readings in a safe and private environment.

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Whilst all of our readers will commit to putting all of their care and effort into every reading, the art of Tarot is sometimes never 100% accurate. Therefore there are no guarantees with any reading given, and we accept no responsibility or liability as to how the information is interpreted and how you continue your journey

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