Green Moss Agate Palm Stone - The Stone of Life - PS1 - The Hare and the Moon

Green Moss Agate Palm Stone - The Stone of Life - PS1

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This natural Green Moss Agate palm stone is a lovely token gift for either a loved one or yourself. Packaged up in a lovely little bag and complete with a description of the stone's properties:

Green Moss Agate - The Stone of Life

It's difficult to look at this stone and not be reminded of how beautiful nature can be. Closely linked to plants, green moss agate is perfect for bringing some elements of green energy into your life. Healing the heart, grounding our focus and reminding us that we are all forever growing and have the potential to bloom. We can learn a lot from the amazing environment which surrounds us. Let this stone help you be more mindful of the natural world - we can learn a lot from it! Perfect for gardeners and  those who love nature!