Beginners Guide to Birth Charts - The Hare and the Moon

Beginners Guide to Birth Charts

Astrology can be overwhelming and dare we say off-putting with its complex charts and symbols. However, it doesn't need to be if you start with the basics of understanding the different layers of your chart from the planetary positions when you were born. It's great therapy too!


Join Tracey as she guides you through the planet's energies, the different constellations and how you can link it all together to understand why perhaps we have different versions of ourselves in different scenarios. Why we might be a "Scorpio" but feel more Aries.


By understanding your elemental, mode and overall chart balance you can gain a detailed explanation as to why maybe you love to be the dance floor, or perhaps staying home reading a book is more your thing.


Don't forget to use the download tools below to compliment this podcast.


Generate your birth chart at our from our favourite website for this kind of stuff: Cafe Astrology


Download your free guide sheet to get you started.

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