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Access Bars Therapy with Nikki Baglee

Access Bars Therapy with Nikki Baglee

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Access Bars: a healing therapy that facilitates a lighter way to navigate modern life. The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head where all thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and attitudes formed throughout your life are stored. These beliefs can come from childhood, school, the media, social media, friends, family, work etc and can hold you back from being your true self, from enjoying life, from being in the moment. A full 75 minute bars session can begin to completely free and declutter your brain - like deleting unused files and folders or closing down tabs on a computer. Regularly running the bars via gentle touch on these points starts to energetically spring clean your mind, removing mental blocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. You will begin to find the real you. It is then possible for you to change your outlook and the way you think about life...for life. What might be possible if you begin to delete the clutter and noise in your mind? Start to remove these limiting beliefs or boundaries? What opportunities and possibilities might open up? What could life be like if you felt free from judgement and could find and be your true self? An Access Bars treatment is beneficial for anyone - clients report increased levels of focus, clarity, peace, calm and resilience. Access Bars can also be especially useful for relieving the symptoms of ADHD, menopause, anxiety, depression, negative mindsets, for alleviating limiting beliefs - helping to turn 'I can't' into 'maybe I can' and much more.

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