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Shamanic Healing with Francesca Raffa

Shamanic Healing with Francesca Raffa

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Shamanic healing has profound effects in meeting the cause of the effect of a particular issue. Francesca works in tandem with spirits as a ‘Hollow Bone’ (channel for spirit) bringing forth the necessary vocal toning sound frequencies and light codes direct from source to activate and upgrade the individual on a deep cellular level.

A session consists of both removal of stagnant energy held in the body in relation to past trauma on all levels, lifetimes and dimensions and a retrieval of healing for wholeness with the assistance of shamanic tools such as the drum, rattles and crystals/stones.

Each session is varied in its approach and is individualistic to a person’s needs for soul retrieval and restoration which elevates your own vibrational frequency.

The higher your vibration the more positive experiences and realities you attract.

Ways a Shamanic Healing may benefit you:

- If you are feeling lost in your direction, lacking motivation and inspiration in your life.

- Feeling powerless and unable to speak your truth.

- Wanting to break and evolve from old, unhealthy patterns of behaviour, thinking and beliefs.

- Seeking guidance to help overcome negative or stagnant energy which blocks you from progressing in life.

- Breaking ancestral patterns and cycles that are holding you back from living at your fullest potential.

- Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, others and nature

What's expected in a session:

- A brief initial consultation
- Shamanic Healing Session (ancestral & past life healing, entity or spirit detachment, soul retrieval)
- Tea and Grounding
- Oracle Card Pull for further insight and guidance

Shifts are felt immediately in the body after a session, but other changes will continue to have their effect in the body-mind over time and in most cases Francesca will offer additional actions to carry out as a means to support the ongoing integration after a healing.

Can't find a date/time which works for you? Please contact us and we can look into out of hours availability

    In person appointments are located in our lower ground floor spiritual and meditation room at 24 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AB

    48 hour cancelation policy applies - For our full terms and conditions please click HERE

    Whilst all of our healers will commit to putting all of their care and effort into every treatment, the art of spiritual healing sometimes takes more than one session and selfcare techniques to practice at home are always advised. 

    Therefore there are no guarantees with any treatment given, and we accept no responsibility or liability as to how the healing is received and how you continue your journey. 

    By booking this appointment you have read and understood our full terms and conditions and our statement above.

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