Guide to Smudging

Smudging practice has had some controversy recently, with concerns that the practice is being taken from its original source. In this Podcast guide Tracey from ⁠⁠The Hare and the Moon⁠⁠ spiritual gift shop in Twickenham discusses why burning sacred herbs is used in spiritual practices, and how we should remember and give thanks to the sources it came from.


Learn about how to smudge and what the different plants can do to help you manage and set the energy of your space. From White Sage for cleansing and clearing to Palo Santo for restoration, this guide helps you discover how there is more to the ritual of smudging than just burning a stick of plants.

Removing the fear of doing it wrong and guiding you on your way to make your own choices, this quick guide to smudging should help give you the tools and knowledge to help you continue your journey.

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