Rosemary Smudge Stick - smudge4

Rosemary Smudge Stick - smudge4

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    Rosemart Meaning:

    • Aids Concentration
    • Protection
    • Focus

    Guide To Smudging

    Smudging is the ancient practice of using smoke and sacred herbs to remove negative energy, heal and balance an area, person or object.

    • grab your chosen smudge stick, candle. matches and a tray (to collect ash).
    • if smudging a room/house prepare the area -cover any mirrors, open doors and windows and make sure you have a clear pathway around the area you plan to smudge.
    • light the candle and say a prayer or intention for your practice today. when you are ready pass the smudge stick through the candle until it is lit/starts to smoulder (your smudge stick should not have a visible flame like a candle - it will gently burn and give out smoke).
    • if smudging a room/house - start at the front door and wave the smudge stick around the left wall, gently moving around the room/house in a clockwise motion. allow the smoke to flow and move naturally, visualising it dispelling old/negative energy. pay particular attention to dark corners or areas where energy can be stuck/stagnant.
    • if smudging a person or object again wave the smudge stick around in a clockwise motion to remove any negative/old energy. this is good practice for cleaning your crystals or aura.
    • be sure to have your tray to hand to collect any excess ash which may drop. sometimes your smudge stick may go out - relight it from the candle as per your previous step. if it continues to go out your practice is not needed for today.
    • when you have finished your practice, place your smudge stick on the tray and sprinkle over some sand or allow it to burn out.
    • blow out your candle and give thanks for your practice today. if you can, visualise new, fresh, positive energy replacing the old.