Handmade New Moon Candle with Crystal Chips - The Hare and the Moon

Handmade New Moon Candle with Crystal Chips

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Our Handmade soy wax candles have been packed full of fragrance and burn beautifully.

Designed especially for Full Moon, our beautiful candle has a blend of fragrances, herbs and crystal chips to help you reflect and release at this important phase in the moon's cycle


Carnelian Crystal Chips

Orange Peel

Jasmine, Sandalwood and Red Fruits Fragrance.

Please note that to get the best out of your new candle the first burn should be until the top wax layer has fully melted (approx 2 hrs). After this burn the candle will burn beautifully for any time - however if you wish to remove the crystal chips for later use please carefully remove the chips on the first burn. Caution: when removing the crystal chips wax will be extremely hot