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New Year, New Things...

As we fly into 2023, it's important to remember that feeling the pressures of New Year are normal. That feeling that everyone is having a better time than us, we should force ourselves to stay up and see in the chimes of Midnight and the need to have a resolution to create a better version of ourselves...

I'm proud to say that for the first time since I was a child, I was happily in my pyjamas by 9.30pm and asleep by 10pm completely sober and content that there was no where else I would rather be. I didn't feel guilty or sad, but proud that I'd made the decision to do what I wanted (and needed) at this time of year. To some of you this might not seem a big moment, but for me it was a huge step in my development of self assurance, confidence and staying close to my true sense of self and personal needs (ie sleep, peace and quiet)

 And so as we watch others make their resolutions, dance in the New Year and handle this time of year with positivity and love, please know it's ok to not feel that way. For some, this time of year can make you feel lost, confused, unaligned and overwhelmed. You may feel sad inside or missing something that everyone else seems to "get" with this festive season. 

Know that famous saying  "It's ok to not be ok." Spirituality isn't about being perfect and sending out happy vibes all the time  - its about being self-aware and being honest with yourself. Knowing that you need to do some self care and work right now and look inwards before you focus on others. 

So what can make it better...? Time and patience with yourself, knowing this phase will pass and you will gain insight from this experience to maybe not make it easier next time, but at least have the awareness that this is how you are at this time of year and its ok.

But that doesn't mean just sitting around in your pyjamas until the world offers you something. Only you can make the difference. Here are some ideas of new things to try to guide you through this season...


The power of an affirmation isn't about saying something to yourself over and over again until you believe it. Affirmations are about putting it out there to the universe that this is how it is going to be. Stick these on your fridge, have them as a screensaver...keep them close to remind you and the world of how amazing you are.


The power of smoke healing has being used for centuries and has benefits of not only cleansing and purifying the air, but also removing negative energy to create an environment which will help you feel better. Our space is important to helping us feel good and maintaining it is just as important as our own self care practices. I really recommend Native Soul's White Sage and Lavender incense sticks to help you get started on this practice - the sacred herbs in this blend will not only cleanse and clear, but sooth frazzled nerves and impatience too.


Take some time out in your day to pause and reflect on how you're feeling right now, without the distraction of others, noise and the world. Turn off the background noise and have some silent time to perhaps meditate, journal or have a bath. It's in times of peace that our true intuition and feelings can blossom - we avoid it because it can feel scary or lonely at first, but with practice this sacred pause can help give the much needed space you need to give clarity and heal.


Of course! Ok, so this might not be your practice and we aren't going to try and change your mind - but even if it isn't crystals, find some tools which will help support you on your journey and direct the energy to where its needed to be. This could be aromatherapy, spell work, chakra healing, Angel healing - know we are all different and all on the journey of remembering where we are supposed to be and what resonates with us.

BUT for those of you who love crystals here's be favourite one at the moment. It's difficult to recommend a stone which will suit everyone for this time - we are all on different journeys and at different points. However I personally love APOPHYLLITE right now to help me feel connected to my spiritual path, removing all the overwhelm that I should be doing more and that I'm doing it wrong, and helping restore that reminder that its all ok.


Ok, I admit this sounds similar to the dreaded New Year's Resolution but even if you don't feel like starting it right now maybe have a little look into new things which might help you on your path. A course, a new project, a treatment of some could be anything. And as always, know that this doesn't need to be started in January - it can be started when you feel ready to.


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