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Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caitlin - Wednesdays - 6pm

Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caitlin - Wednesdays - 6pm

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This is a slower-paced class that combines a mindful flow of yoga asanas (postures) and breathwork. The flow will incorporate asanas intended to build strength and flexibility, and release tension. The slower pace of this practice allows for more precision in movement, postural alignment, and quality of the breath. This practice is invigorating in a gentle way and will leave you feeling refreshed and calm. The music played throughout is carefully curated to follow the arc of the flow – expect songs that bring joy, make you want to dance, and soothe your soul. All levels welcome.

Located in our brand new space from 6th July at 24 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AB

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