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Pregnancy Yoga Class with Catriona - Mondays - 7pm- AVAILABLE FROM SEPT

Pregnancy Yoga Class with Catriona - Mondays - 7pm- AVAILABLE FROM SEPT

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Pregnancy yoga classes offer gentle modifications to classical poses, accomodating the physical and psychological changes that come with pregnancy. At a time which can feel challenging as the body starts to change shape and adjust to new demands, pregnancy yoga is a calming practice that can help with some of these changes and allow the mother to be present in her body, helping her to prepare for and bond with her unborn baby. There are four key elements to a pregnancy yoga class:

  • Breathwork: variations on yogic breathwork (pranayama) allow mothers to find calmness, manage anxiety, and feel empowered and more in control of their thoughts and body. Breathing techniques learned during the class can be used throughout pregnancy and during the birthing process, and after the births of their babies.
  • - Postures: gentle postures are open, fluid and nurturing, creating space in your body and helping to alleviate some common ailments, such as backache, heartburn and fluid retention. These postures can have an easing and calming effect on the body and mind which is transmitted to the baby. - Relaxation techniques: learning to relax is a skill. Relaxation is an essential part of pregnancy yoga, and through yoga nidra and meditation techniques, mothers learn to relax more quickly and easily, transmitting the calming benefits to their baby.
  • - Community: meet and practice with other mums-to-be. The class includes a few minutes at the beginning to get to know each other and discuss experiences. Of course, there will be time to chat after the class as well! This is a great place to form bonds with other local mothers. 

Located in our brand new space from 6th July at 24 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AB


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