Ocean Jasper Tumble Stone - Stone of Release - TS347 freeshipping - The Hare and the Moon

Ocean Jasper Tumble Stone - Stone of Release - TS347

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This natural Ocean Jasper tumbler stone is a lovely token gift for either a loved one or yourself. Packaged up in a lovely little bag and complete with a description of the stone's properties:

Ocean Jasper - Stone of Release

The healing properties of the sea can be powerful, as we tune into the rhythms of the ocean for reflection and release. This stone is perfect for those who can't get to the seaside but need the energy the sea brings. Helping us find inner peace and silencing the overactive mind, this stone brings about a sense of stillness to allow our subconscious to come forward. Let go, breath and be...

Please note: These are natural stones and size and shape may vary slightly from the image show. All stones are approx 12grams