Amazonite - Stone of Courage and Truth - TS300 freeshipping - The Hare and the Moon

Amazonite - Stone of Courage and Truth - TS300

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This natural Amazonite tumbler stone is a lovely token gift for either a loved one or yourself. Packaged up in a lovely little bag and complete with a description of the stone's properties:


Stone of Courage and Truth

This calming stone is associated

with helping release blocked

emotions by soothing the spirit

and calming the soul. It aids

personal expression and

communication and is the perfect

stone for difficult conversations when

truths need to be told without argument

or conflict. It is believed to help with

freedom to express ideas and feelings

and aids with the perception of seeing

things from a different point of view.


Please note: These are natural stones and size and shape may vary slightly from the image show. All stones are approx 12grams