Goddess Temple Twickenham

Goddess Temple Twickenham Podcast Episode

About Us

Our Goddess Temple is based out of The Hare & The Moon spiritual shop on Church Street, Twickenham.

We are a non-denominational, all-inclusive and accessible spiritual wellness centre dedicated to celebrating the Divine Energies. We offer the opportunity to celebrate the seasons and hold spiritual events and workshops. We also offer a sacred space for quiet contemplation. 

View our events for walk-in contemplation and meditation times.

Our community welcomes people from all paths who feel drawn to our energy. We enjoy paying our respects to the moon, the elements, the river, the earth and all things Gaia. 

Temple founders and lunar priestesses Tracey and Dee are available by appointment for personal ceremonies or 1 to 1 workshops. 

Please note, non-women are more than welcome! We are a place to come celebrate your spirituality.  

Founders of the Goddess Temple Twickenham


Star Sign: Taurus

Moon Sign: Virgo


Lunar Priestess and owner of The Hare and the Moon Spiritual Shop

Identifies as: Empath and sometimes Lightworker

Favourite Crystal: Rose Quartz

Favourite Essential Oil: Bergamot

Uses: Angel cards, incense and essential oils

Loves: Hummus and seaweed (not together

Dislikes: Flying

Wants to discover more about: Tarot and Oracle card reading

Pets: Two amazing dogs - Charlie the Cockapoo and Georgie the Cavapoo


Star Sign: Aries

Moon Sign: Aquarius


Lunar Priestess and Events Planning and Fundraising Consultant For Empath Entrepreneurs and Not-For-Profits

Identifies as: Empath

Favourite Crystal: Selenite 

Favourite Essential Oil: Sweet Orange, Marjoram and Bergamot blended together (try it!)

Uses: Mainly oracle cards and, oils and teas

Loves: True crime podcasts

Dislikes: the dark

Wants to discover more about: Shadow work, anything Jungian actually

Pets: Lola the French bulldog, Bumblebee the disabled royal python, Captain Sam Holes the bearded dragon and Louis XIV the pacman frog.